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We follow every bit of adrenaline that’s pumped out of the world of CSGO and bring it to you with our ever-evolving CSGO betting.  

The rise of esports has been exponential since it went online in the 1990’s. Tournaments started up at the dawn of the new Millennium, but have exploded in popularity in the last decade, CSGO being one of the driving forces behind this popularity.

There’s no doubt that CSGO has reinforced the franchise’s position as one of the most dominant esports of the last decade. And as a result, we’ve also seen a huge rise in CSGO betting. Matches are enthralling already, but if you want to overkill on the adrenaline then we’ve got some great markets for you. 

We’ve got an assortment of ways to bet. Match Winner is the most popular market. You can also bet on Totals (how many of the market you think will occur), Handicap Betting (bet on the outcome of an event where one team has been given a number of points as an imagined head start), Draw No Bets (bet on either team to win, and if it’s a draw you will get your stake back), Odds/Evens (simply whether the total of the market will end in an odd or an even number), Correct Scores (predict the actual score line in a best of 2, 3, 5 or even 7 match) and more. 

And if there’s a specific CSGO betting market you’re looking for, you can send us your suggestion and we’ll look into seeing if we can make it available to you. 

CSGO odds

Finding the best CSGO betting odds isn’t a mammoth task when you bet at Betway. Our traders are constantly monitoring our odds against the industry’s leading bookmakers to bring you some of the most competitive around, pre-game and in-play. 

It’s true that pre-game betting can return some great results, but if you’re one who likes to keep your finger on the pulse then in-play could be a good option. 

There can be great value in it too. Imagine, for example that your team has been playing defensively and is gearing up to stage an attack. You will stand to gain more if you bet in-play, as you’re betting on up-to-the-minute events and have more context to gauge an outcome. 

You can also choose to create an accumulator or multiple (select multiple teams and place one stake on them all winning), which while high risk, offer bigger reward potentials than backing a single team. 

CSGO betting tips 

As with most team multiplayer games, and with traditional sports too, a successful result comes down to a cocktail of skill and team play. When betting on CSGO, remember that while a team may be packed with talent, that doesn’t mean it’s a sure win for them. Team synergy is needed just as much as talent to be successful. 

Another thing unique to CSGO betting when compared to most other esports, is the different map selections. Most teams vary in their performance on each map. For instance, as of the time of writing NiP have had a 68% win rate on Cache in the last 12 months, in contrast to a 25% win rate on Cobblestone. This could mean that while a team’s overall money line may not show it, they could be facing the enemy on their strongest map, turning the tides of the game.

If you’re looking for an expert opinion, whether it’s about an upcoming match or just some CSGO betting tips, our blog and social media sites are where you’ll find it. Head to the Betway Insider blog for interviews and Q&A sessions with players and teams, along with much more. Also, be sure to check out our esports Twitter and Facebook accounts for more in-depth comment and analysis. 

Popular tournaments

We offer esports betting on all the major tournaments and events with great odds and extensive market options, as well as covering a lot of the smaller events too. 

Bet on the biggest CSGO events from ELEAGUE, ESL, PGL, Dreamhack, FACEIT, ECS and more. We’re even global partners with ESL, sponsoring all their tournaments, so you know that we’re right at the core of the action.  

Other popular sports

It’s not just CSGO that we specialise in however, we cover all major esports too, such as DotA 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rainbow Six, and Starcraft 2. And, as with CSGO, we cover all major tournaments and events, and some of the lesser-known ones besides. 

But, that’s not all we do. Our flagship brand, Betway Sports offers a plethora of betting for all types of sport – from football and basketball to horse racing and golf. Whether its Premier League betting or NFL betting, you’ll find great sports betting at Betway. 

Why Betway?

Every game. Every kill. Every win. It doesn’t matter where your allegiances lie, if you’ve got passion for CSGO betting, then you’ll find what you’re looking for at Betway. 

As one of the leading online esports and CSGO betting sites, we’ve carve out a space for ourselves in the industry, offering some of the most unique and imaginative markets around, as well as exceptional competitive odds across a wide range of events. 

From the major international tournaments, to the smaller lesser-known competitions, and beyond. Pick from thousands of markets, both pre-game and in-play, to ensure every favoured prediction is covered. And, with our handy betting apps available on both Android and iOS, you can always keep going, even when you’re on the move. 

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