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Satta Matka
Play Satta Matka Online

Satta Matka 

Betway is proud to present the first-ever Casino version of the popular game Satta Matka which is now available to play at the Live Casino. 

We’ve set up an exclusive table for Betway customers to play Satta Matka online and with real hosts. 

The game is also called just “Matka” by its avid players. Over decades the game has evolved in many versions and we are thrilled to bring the pioneering card-version for you to enjoy, only at Betway.

Find out more about this exciting game by continuing to read the sections below, to know everything you need to know about playing Satta Matka online.

What is Satta Matka?

Satta Matka is a popular betting game which originated in India and involved correctly guessing the opening and closing rates of cotton trade between the USA and India on Bombay Cotton Exchange. 

It was later adapted to a popular version of drawing out slips from a big earthenware pot, or Matka. That is how the game got its name Satta Matka, which literally means “betting from a pot”.

The game has tremendous mass appeal due to the excessive amount of betting options and unlimited number of players that could play it at the same time. 

The popularity of Satta Matka across India meant that this number game soon began to be called by the city locations where event/bazaar was hosted, and the prize money was sponsored. Examples would be “Kalyan Matka”, “Mumbai Worli”, “Karnataka Day” and many more. 

The game also got linked to Bollywood, as everything popular in India eventually does, and found itself tied to names of actresses. “Madhuri”, “Sridevi”, “Bhagyashree” and so on. 

Now, with Betway, you can play the card game version of this exciting traditional game online for the chance to win money at the same time.

You can now see Satta Matka alongside other games like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar.

How to Play Satta Matka

Part of the reason Satta Matka is so popular is because it is exciting and intuitive. In this section we’ll explain how to play the card version of this game and we assure you’ll be an expert in no time.

  1. At the start of the game, the dealer draws out three cards. For eg: 8, 1, and 5.
  2. The card numbers are then re-arranged in an increasing order with zero (10, if drawn) placed at the end - 158
  3. These 3 cards form a Pana (158 in this example) and the sum of the digits of the three cards (Pana) forms its Single Number (Ank). In other words, these three numbers are added up and if the number is in 2 digits (more than 9) then only last digit is considered as Ank or “single number”. For example, in this case it will be -- 1+5+8= 14. The first digit of that total number is dropped, leaving '4’ as the Single number. 

Your aim is to correctly guess the Pana and its Single number (Ank) that will be drawn by the dealer.

The main game is played with 40 cards (one deck) per round with Jacks, Queens and Kings removed.

The game offers multiple betting options with varied payouts as per the probability of the drawn cards. You can get paid from 1.9 times up to 700 times your bet amount.

You can bet from as little as ₹10 all the way up to ₹5000, so there is the chance for massive wins.

How does the Card-version work?

Betway’s version is based on the standard game with the traditional numbers being replaced by card number values. Here all aces are equal to 1, 2-9 are equal to their value, and 10=0. 

As explained before, Pana digits are always displayed in an increasing format, therefore there are 220 different Pana combinations in the game. 

  • Panas are divided into Single Panas (SP), Double Panas (DP) and Triple Panas (TP). 
  • Single Pana (SP) is a pana in which all three numbers are different. There are 120 SP out of the 220 total Panas. Eg: 158
  • Double Pana (DP) is a pana in which two out of three digits are the same. There are 90 DP out of the 220 total Panas. Eg: 155
  • Triple Pana (TP) is a pana in which all three numbers are the same. There are 10 TP out of the 220 total Panas. Eg: 555

So, a player can bet on all different types of Pana. They can choose to bet on any SP, DP or TP where they can win if the card numbers fall in the same category, and players can also bet on self-chosen Pana numbers where they will win if the exact card numbers show up.

In case of the “Single number” or “Ank”, players can bet on a chosen number (Single select 0-9), a Low Line Single number (1,2,3,4,5), a High Line Single number (6,7,8,9,0), Odd Single number (1,3,5,7,9) and Even Single number (2,4,6,8,0). 

The above betting options give the following payouts:

Single number (ank): 

  • Single (select one out of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 or 0) - 9.5 times your bet amount
  • Low Line (1,2,3,4,5) - 1.9 times your bet amount
  • High Line (6,7,8,9,0) - 1.9 times your bet amount
  • Odd (1,3,5,7,9) - 1.9 times your bet amount
  • Even (2,4,6,8,0) - 1.9 times your bet amount

Pana (self -selected three-digit number):

  • SP – selected 3 digits that form a SP – 140 times your bet amount
  • DP - selected 3 digits that form a DP – 240 times your bet amount
  • TP – selected 3 digits that form a TP – 700 times your bet amount

Single Pana (SP):

  • SP of selected Single Number (ank) (when you select one out of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 or 0) – 12 times your bet amount
  • Any SP - 1.22 times your bet amount

 Double Pana (DP):

  • DP of selected Single Number (ank) (when you select one out of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 or 0) - 40 times your bet amount
  • Any DP - 4 times your bet amount

Triple Pana (TP):

  • TP of selected Single Number (ank) (when you select one out of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 or 0) - 700 times your bet amount
  • Any TP – 200 times your bet amount

How to Place a Bet

Now that you know how Satta Matka is played, your next step is to make a bet.

First simply enter your bet amount in the “Amount” box, and you’ll see how much you could win.

Then click on the selection you want to bet on and then tap “Place bet”.

The dealer will then deal the cards and if you win, you’ll be credited instantly.

When the next round begins, your options will be reset.

Whether you pick a category or a chosen number, whether you bet on Single or Pana, the choices are immense, and the odds are great. Also, you can bet on as many options as you like, giving you more betting chances.

Similarly, you can place a bet on a specific Bazaar option and come back to check the results. This is a great option for people who want to experience the authentic time-based draw-style experience of the game. 

Betway’s Satta Matka Online Experience

Betway has created this exclusive live game for our players to enjoy an authentic, classic game with a fun casino twist.

With our new Satta Matka online game, it’s a chance for you to turn the fun into some big wins.

You’ll get to experience Satta Matka live, with real dealers, for that feeling of being at a casino but from the convenience of your home or wherever you choose to play.

Our tables will also be available 24/7 so you can play whenever you desire.

The casino version boasts of many options, and allows betting on multiple options, making it even more exciting. The game allows unlimited number of players so you can play alongside many like-minded fellow friends and have a good time. 

Our Satta Matka live experience is both fun and fast: the next numbers are only moments away from being dealt, with your next chance to win.

Satta Matka Strategy

Satta Matka is interesting and intuitive. You never know what the next card will be. Just make sure you know the basics and understand the different odds being paid out for different options.

As the game is played with one deck of 40 cards per round, always set in ascending order, it is important to remember that there are only 220 Pana options for the whole deck – divided into 120, 90 and 10 SP, DP, and TP respectively. 

Other bets are another way to potentially increase your wins. Check the section below for more information about our Other Bets.

Satta Matka Other Bets

Looking for more options to play on other than just numbers? It’s the perfect excuse to try Other Bets.

Other Bets offer familiar yet exciting options to place you bet on and offer you a chance to get extra wins and add some extra excitement to your Satta Matka online experience.

Here, you can bet that drawn cards suit might be:

  • More Red or More Black with odd payout at 1.9 times your bet amount
  • All Red or All Black with odd payout at 8.2 times your bet amount
  • More Spades, Diamonds, Hearts, or Clubs with odd payout at 6.35 times your bet amount

It is very straightforward and simple way to bet on colour/suites in the Satta Matka game with variety of odds available. 

What is a Bazaar?

The Bazaar is an exciting addition to the Satta Matka Game. It is based on the time-based draw-style of the original game. 

Here two sets of Pana are drawn – one at the start of the game, and one at the end of the game.

In a Bazaar there are options to bet on Open Single and Close Single – which are the single numbers that are drawn in the first and second draw respectively.You can also bet on Jodi – where you guess both the opening and closing single numbers. 

Other exciting options include Half Sangam A and B – which are again very simple. 

Half Sangam A are the Pana numbers of the opening draw, and Half Sangam B are the Pana numbers of the closing draw.  Player has an option to bet on any one or both the options. A player can also bet on Full Sangam or “Sangam” where they have to guess both the opening and closing Panas correctly. 

Bazaar options are available at specific times of the day under specific categories such as Maanik Morning, Starline Sunset, and Navratna night.  All categories offer the same betting style of Open, Close, Jodi and Sangam options. 

Please note that the Bazaar categories will only be available from November 2021 onwards.

Common Satta Matka Terms

If you’re playing our exclusive online game for the first time, you should know what some of the most common terms are.

Pana – The 3-digit number based on 3 cards that are dealt, put in ascending order.

Single– The Single Number that is sum of its Pana. 

Ank – Another name for “Single” or “Single Number”

Matka – Translates to “Pot” - an earthenware vessel used to draw number slips out from. 

Satta – Translates to “Betting”.

Other bets – These are bets you can make that don’t involve betting on the main game.

Bazaar – Translates to “Market” and denotes the betting market/options available to bet on. Here it would mean the cards drawn out at specific time of day under specific category.

Open Single – The Single /Ank formed from the opening Pana in Bazaar 

Close Single – The Single /Ank formed from the closing Pana in Bazaar 

Jodi- Translates to “Pair” and here it means the pair of both Opening and Closing Singles

Half -Sangam A – Opening Pana numbers (3 digits) in a Bazaar 

Half -Sangam B –Closing Pana numbers (3 digits) in a Bazaar

Sangam – Both opening and closing Pana numbers in a Bazaar (3 X 2)

Influence on Culture

Being such an iconic part of Indian culture, the game has influenced movies, books and more.

There is of course, the 1959 Hindi film, Satta Bazaar, starring Meena Kumari and Balraj Sahni.

More recently the movie “Guru” in 2007, showcases the famous Bombay cotton trade exchange and Satta Matka origins in correctly guessing the opening and closing rates of cotton trade between the USA and India. The superhit movie starred Abhishek Bachhan and Aishwarya Rai Bachhan.

Moreover, beloved Bollywood actress Nargis Fakhri has partnered with Betway and our new Satta Matka online game.

Betway is proud to be associated with Nargis Fakhri, star of such films as Hollywood hit, Spy, and musical romantic drama, Rockstar.

Betway Bonuses

If you’re ready to start playing Satta Matka online, then make sure you take advantage of Betway’s ₹60.000 three-part Welcome Bonus.

You’ll get a 100% Matched Deposit Bonus on your first deposit up to ₹15,000. That means, whatever your first deposit is, we’ll double it for free. So, you could get up to an extra ₹15,000 on top of your first deposit. 

You could also get 25% Matched Deposit Bonus, up to ₹15,000 on your second qualifying deposit and 50% Matched Deposit Bonus, up to ₹30,000 on your third qualifying deposit. 

And with UPI Bank Transfer, Net Banking, VISA, and web wallets – it’s easier than ever to make deposits.

You can take all of your Welcome Bonus to the Satta Matka live table or use it however you please.

Plus, we offer exclusive Daily Deals that can also add a boost to your deposit.

And there are always regular promotions and competitions with big prizes to be won.

Sign up at Betway to get all these great bonuses and start playing Satta Matka live.

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Alerts for Great Offers: Betway App and Telegram

Don’t want to miss out on the latest offers?

Betway has now got an app that allows you to get alerts whenever you receive a new offer.

Using the Betway app will also make your Satta Matka online playing experience even more personal.

You can be at the table within a matter of clicks – and then ready to play.

Our app is available on Android and Apple devices, so you can play wherever you are, and whenever you want, from the convenience of your phone.

You can also follow us on Telegram for the latest offers, sports boosts, updates, quizzes and more.

Being Responsible and Managing Your Gambling

Playing Satta Matka online should always be a fun experience.

So, it is important to take regular breaks and keep your spending under control.

To help you do this, Betway allows you to set Session Reminders so you can keep track of how long you have been playing for.

You can also set deposit limits for daily, weekly, and monthly periods.

These put you in control of how much you want to spend.

You can find both these helpful tools, plus more advice, at our Responsible Gambling page.

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