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Greyhound Betting

Our passion for greyhound racing means that we provide odds on up 150 daily races, from tracks across the UK. For many of those races, we offer live streams for you to keep up with the action to enhance your greyhound betting experience. And of course, we have a fantastic variety of greyhound odds

Whether you want to make a straight forecast bet, each-way bet or a simple win bet on greyhound racing, our up to the minute live updates ensure the most accurate odds possible. 

From puppy sprints to Grade 1 marathons, you can bet on greyhound racing on the go and at the touch of the button, on our user-friendly, intuitive Betway app. Why not download it, and sync your Betway account to your phone? 

How to bet on greyhounds

With Betway, you can experience the full range of greyhound betting with our wide variety of greyhound odds. There are several different types of bet we provide odds for, as explained below. 

Win Bet

This is the most basic type of greyhound racing bet, where you simply pick which greyhound you think will win. 

Each Way

Often used on underdogs, an each way bet means half your stake goes on your pick to win, and half goes on your pick to finish in the top 3. This bet is usually used on greyhounds who aren’t favourites to win, in order to increase the likelihood of earning a profit. 

Straight Forecast

With a straight forecast bet, you can attempt to pick the two greyhounds that will finish first and second, in order. 

Reverse Forecast

The same as the straight forecast, except you don’t have to pick the top two dogs in order; your stake is equally split over each of the two possible outcomes. 


This bet works in the same way as the Straight Forecast, but three picks are required instead of two. 

Combination Tricast

This type of bet requires the selection of three dogs that will finish in the top three positions, in no particular order. 

When placing your greyhound bet, it can be helpful to consider the form and grading of each runner. The greyhounds who haven’t raced for a month or more are often at a disadvantage to those that have only had a week’s rest. With respect to grading, runners who have only just dropped down a grade are likely to have a better chance at finishing first than a dog who has recently moved up a grade. It’s also good to keep up to date with the breeds and ages of the runners, as genetics and physical development can often be a key indicator of racing success. 

Types of greyhound races 

To get the most out of your greyhound betting experience, it is important to gain an understanding of the different types of races that we provide greyhound odds for. Greyhound races differ across three key factors; distance, surface and the age/grading of the runners. 

  • Sprint races last for approximately 300m, around 2 bends of the track. Standard races are approximately 450m to 2450 metres, across four bends of the track.
  • Stayers races take in approximately 600 to 700 metres of the track, over 6 bends.
  • Marathon races span 800-1100 metres and 8 bends of the track.
  • Hurdle races last for approximately 450 to 550 metres, with added hurdles that runners must clear. In handicap races, slower runners begin with a head-start on the favourites.

We provide greyhound odds for all varieties of race. 

The surface of the track affects how greyhound racing fans choose to bet. In rainy weather, when the track can turn thick and mulchy, the dogs running on the wider “rails” on the outside of the track have the advantage over of those running on the waterlogged inside. But in hot weather, on a sun-baked, rock-hard track, those on the inside have the luxury of quicker surface. 

Greyhounds are separated into different races according to their ages. Greyhounds under the age of 24 months are classed as puppies, and therefore only participate in puppy races. Once a greyhound reaches 24 months, they can race in adult races. Most experts believe greyhounds reach their peak between 30-36 months. However, for sprint races, some race-goers favour betting on dogs aged between 21-30 months. And for marathon races, greyhounds aged between three and four years are perceived as being a safer bet. 

Grades are used to categorise the quality of each greyhound. The fastest dogs are graded in the higher grades, whereas the “novices” are assigned to lower grades. The highest grade a greyhound can be classed in the UK is 1. The lowest is 11. On race cards, the number signifying the grade of the dog is combined with the letter denoting the distance of the race to categorise the race. For example, a top-class stayers race would be labelled as S1. We provide greyhound odds for every grade.

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