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NFL betting odds at Betway Sports

The NFL is the absolute highest level of professional American football, and a huge cultural force in the USA and abroad. The 32-team league is nearly a century old and has been at the centre of American football in the US for many decades, while NFL betting is a pastime almost as old. 

Every year, the Super Bowl unites Americans, and sports fans around the world, in an American football extravaganza that’s hard to beat.

This all helps to make NFL betting uniquely exciting, and really enables fans to immerse themselves in the culture and fanfare of American football. With our brilliant NFL odds, you can discover the thrill of football betting with Betway.

And if you’re a new customer, you can sign up to Betway and begin your NFL betting journey with a boosted balance, thanks to a special Welcome Bonus.

NFL odds

There’s an abundance of ways to enjoy NFL betting and American football betting with Betway. With the Betway app, you can place a bet on your favoured NFL teams at any time, at any location. No matter where you go, you don’t need to miss a single moment of NFL betting.

There are other great ways to get involved too - as well as regular match betting, there are outright lines to opt for too, letting you to bet on specific results, players and more.

At Betway, you can make the most of our highly competitive NFL odds and betting lines, ensuring you’ll want to keep coming back for more. Whether you want to place a match-winner bet, a points handicap bet, or are betting while at home or on the go, we’ll give you all the latest odds, right up to the minute. And the same goes for in-play NFL bets too.

We follow every NFL match, and so can you. With Betway, you really can bet your way

NFL 21/22 Preview

The NFL is made up of 32 teams, evenly split between the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. 

The 20/21 season culminated in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers claiming only the second Super Bowl Championship in their history, with a victory on home turf over the Kansas City Chiefs.  Season 21/22 promises to be as competitive and exciting as any which have proceeded it, with last season’s playoff teams looking strong, and those that narrowly missed out looking to go one better. 

In the AFC, the Chiefs are expected to be strong again, working from the solid passing combination of Patrick Mahomes to Tyreek Hill. Can they make a push to avenge their defeat at the final hurdle last year? The Buffalo Bills are another franchise that appears to be on an upward curve, to the point that failure to at least make the playoffs would be a blow.

The NFC is a tough one to call, with the East Division in particular likely to be a compelling four-way tussle between the Washington Football Team, the NY Giants, the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles.

After coming through the wild card playoffs to make history at Super Bowl LV last season, the Buccaneers now look liable to dominate in the NFC South. Could the league’s elder statesman Tom Brady lead them to back-to-back championships and further extend his lead at the top of the chart with an unprecedented EIGHTH winner’s ring?

How to read NFL odds

In Canada, odds are displayed in the ‘US’ or ‘Money Line’ style by default. Under this format, the chances of a bet on a given line winning are expressed as a figure preceded by either a plus or a minus sign. For example, on the ‘Money Line’, in which you can simply back one of the two teams competing in a game to win, you might see odds shown like the below:

New Orleans Saints -120


Baltimore Ravens +110

Where odds are negative (preceded by a – sign), the figure shown is the amount you’d have to stake on the line successfully to win $100. As such – in the example above, a $120 bet on the New Orleans Saints would return $220 in total: $100 in winnings, as well as the return of the $120 stake.  

Where odds are positive (preceded by a + sign), the figure shown is the amount that the bet would win for every $100 staked. So, in the above example, a $100 bet on the Baltimore Ravens would return $210 in total: $110 in winnings and the $100 original stake.

While you’ll find American odds displayed by default, you can switch to decimal or fractional odds, according to your preference very easily from anywhere with Betway sportsbook, whether via a browser or our mobile app. Just click the box that reads ‘American’ towards the top right of the screen, and make your selection from the dropdown menu.

And remember, you’ll never need to calculate odds yourself at Betway. By simply loading a line into your betslip, you can then enter a desired stake in the ‘stake’ box to see the bet’s potential return displayed prior to your confirmation. You can enter a different stake as many times as you like, to trial a range of options and ensure that you’re happy with the outlay and potential return before placing the bet (or deciding not to and deleting the line from your betslip entirely).  

How to bet on the NFL

The odds are just part of the story, and how your bet will play out – the conditions that dictate whether it wins or loses – depend on the ‘line’ you’re betting on. Betway offer the following betting lines and bet types:

Money Line

The Money Line is usually the most popular line on which fans bet on the NFL, and it’s one of the simplest. One set of odds is assigned to the home team and one to the visiting team – representing their respective chances of victory. A bet on one or the other team is a prediction that they will be the winner at the end of the game. If you’re correct and your pick wins, you’ll win a return in accordance with the odds. If they lose, so does your bet – you’ll forfeit your stake with zero return. The example used to explain how to read odds above shows the Money Line.

Point Spread

When betting on the Point Spread for a game, you are making a prediction as to what the margin between the 2 teams’ points totals will be at the end of the game. 

One team (usually the favourite) will be assigned a negative value (e.g., -7.5) and the other (usually the underdog) will be assigned the positive equivalent of the same value (e.g., +7.5). Betting on either team in the points spread means betting on them to have a higher final points total than their opponent, when their actual score is adjusted by the stated total. 

For example, betting on the favourite with a value of -7.5 means that you are betting that that team will still have the superior points total after the deduction of 7.5 points from their true total (in other words, you’re betting that they’ll win by at least 8 points). Betting on the underdog with a value of +7.5 means you are betting that that team would have the superior points total if 7.5 points were added to their true total (you’re betting that their true total will be no less than 7 points fewer than their opponent).     

Totals (Over/Under)

Over/Under bets allow you to predict whether the points scored in a game fall below, or in excess of, a pre-decided total (displayed on the line). 

You can usually bet Over/Under on either the combined match score (both teams’ points totals added together), or one or the other teams’ individual points totals.

For example, betting ‘Over’ on the Total Points (33) line for a game means that you’re betting that there will be 34 or more Total Points scored by both teams combined in that game.

Prop Bets

Prop Bets is the term for a wide range of bets which are determined by events within a game which do not affect the final result of the game. Prop bets will usually concern the performance of a particular player (e.g., whether they’ll score a touchdown or not), or on some measurable outcome of the game (e.g., how many total turnovers will occur). A popular Super Bowl prop bet in recent years has involved predictions as to what colour the energy drink dumped onto the winning coach by their squad will be. 


Parlays involve combining multiple individual lines together into one overall bet that each of them will win. The combined bets could all  concern outcomes within the same game, or they could each be from a different game, be decided on different days, or even concern different sports.

Combining bets into a parlay offers the potential of bigger wins – a parlay’s potential return will usually greatly exceed the total return for the same bets if placed individually. However, the risk is higher too – just one selection within your parlay losing means the whole bet loses, regardless of the other outcomes. 

In-Play/Live Betting

In the past, bets have traditionally been placed before the game begins, with predictions made based on such factors as form and previous head-to-head results. But, as well as this, Betway also offers you the opportunity to bet In-Play – after the game has begun – with odds changing constantly as the momentum and state of play changes. In-Play betting perfectly complements the excitement of watching the changing fortunes of an NFL game unfolding live since, rather than using figures and statistics alone to inform your bets, you can draw upon the evidence of your own eyes.  

NFL Picks and Predictions

To back up our comprehensive array of lines and keenly competitive odds, we also bring our expertise to the fore through our blog, The Betway Insider.

The Betway Insider is the place to get the inside scoop on the action covered by our sportsbook, including a fantastic range of NFL picks and predictions - with weekly expert picks for every round of the NFL. 

From advice on the teams most likely to challenge for the championship, to which players are in form, it’s a secret weapon for anyone interested in NFL football betting.

Why bet with Betway?

There are so many great reasons for American football fans to choose Betway. Along with our fantastic NFL odds, you can bet on all kinds of American football matches, both within and without the USA. 

And you can find so much more than just American football betting to enjoy too. From football betting to horse racing betting like the Grand National, there’s an unbelievable plethora of sports betting to be experienced. 

If you want to keep things stateside, you can get involved with other huge leagues like, college football, NBA, NHL and UFC

Not only can you do all this, but you can do it the way you want. Whether on desktop or via the Betway app, you can bet your way today.

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