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Here at Betway we’re just as passionate about basketball betting as you are. We make knowing everything we can about the world’s top basketball leagues our business, especially when it comes to the NBA.

The unique atmosphere of the world’s favourite basketball league is the central theme of our betting markets. Stories of the NBA are written every day, reinforced by our extensive selection of markets, available to take with you via your mobile device.

No matter how far you are from NBA action, you’ll feel like you’re courtside as you bet in-play or pre-game via our online betting site. There’ll be the same great markets whether you bet on mobile or desktop. 

NBA Betting 

The NBA, or National Basketball Association, is the world’s most recognisable basketball league. The League was founded in New York City on June 6, 1946. Initially known as the Basketball Association of America, it was a merger with its rival, the National Basketball League, which led to the change in name to the NBA. It’s since become a moniker that transcends the sport itself.

NBA basketball has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon. It’s associated with music and fashion and some of its stars have gone on to become household names.

Michael Jordan catapulted the Chicago Bulls to international recognition with his performances in the ‘90s. Shaquille O’Neill and Kobe Bryant became superstars as they led the Los Angeles Lakers to victory in the early part of the 21st century. Today, stars like the Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James, Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant and Boston Celtics’ Kyrie Irving are well known across the world.

And the league has more than its fair share of well-known teams. The New York Knicks, San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers are all former winners of the NBA championship.

So whether you’re an NBA betting enthusiast or just looking for a route into betting on the world’s favourite basketball league, Betway Sports is here for you. 

NBA Odds

The best NBA markets go hand-in-hand with our competitive NBA odds. We pride ourselves in ensuring that the NBA odds and betting lines we offer to you are amongst the best available on the market. 

A team of expert traders not only keep a close eye on NBA odds and developments within the game, but analyse the industry to make sure our pre-match and in-play odds are the best value they can possibly be. 

You’ll have the opportunity to bet on classic Win/Draw/Win markets, points spread, pointscorers and even the highest scoring quarter of the game. 

And as the action unfolds, your NBA betting can go in-play. Bet live on the game with an extensive range of markets. 

Finding your new favourite betting market will be a cinch. There’s so much to choose from, competitive odds and the ability to get on top of the details with convenient fractional, decimal and American formats. 

What is the 21/22 NBA season schedule? 

Following the condensed 2020/21 NBA campaign, the 2021/22 NBA schedule returns to the league’s usual October to April calendar, an arrangement that no doubt comes as a relief to previously overwhelmed coaches and players alike. Opening night is designated as 19th October (20th October for NBA fans in Europe) with current champions, Milwaukee Bucks, facing off against the Brooklyn Nets in the Eastern Conference, before the LA Lakers play the Golden State Warriors in the West. And at Betway, you can bet on the opening NBA games on the night, during the game or even bet on them now, with our NBA odds and markets already available. 

As is standard, all teams competing in the 2021/22 NBA campaign are divided between Eastern and Western Conferences. The Eastern Conference is made up of the Atlantic, Central and Southeast Divisions, with the West consisting of the Northwest, Pacific and Southwest Divisions. You can bet on each NBA team’s 82 regular season games, which are split equally between home and away venues. Each team faces the other teams in the same division for four games each, playing other teams within the same conference but a separate division either three or four times, and teams in the opposite conference twice. No matter the NBA game, Betway has betting odds and markets for it.

Who is favourite to win the Eastern Conference?

You can bet on who will win the NBA Eastern Conference as the action unfolds throughout the season and the odds change to match on-court performance, or you can peruse our markets before the season starts. So who are the current front-runners? Despite losing out to eventual NBA champions, Milwaukee Bucks, in the second round of the 2020/21 play-offs, we make the Brooklyn Nets favourites to win the Eastern Conference this season. That’s in no small part down to the circumstances in which they bowed out of the Conference Semi-final to the Bucks last year. With James Harden and Kyrie Irving either missing through injury or limited by lack of optimum fitness, the Nets only just missed out on the Conference Finals to the team who eventually went all the way. With Harden having a full pre-season camp for 2021/2022 and a little more luck with injuries, himself, Irving and of course Kevin Durant will be out for revenge this campaign. 

But there are a host of other teams who you can bet on to derail the Brooklyn train in its tracks, starting with the Bucks. There was still plenty to do for Giannis and co. after seeing off the Nets, and they defeated the Atlanta Hawks in the Conference Finals in 6 to become the best of the East, before doing the same to the Phoenix Suns in the playoff finals. Beyond the Bucks, the Philadelphia 76ers came within a whisker of the Eastern Conference Finals last season. Philly will be hoping point guard Joel Embiid will make similar gains to those achieved during his last off-season, following another play-off disappointment. Fourth betting favourites on the NBA Eastern Conference betting lines are the Miami Heat, who have been boosted by the arrival of point guard Kyle Lowry, the former Raptor claiming the Heat are prepared to go all-out for a Championship this season, rather than build for the future. Lowry joins a franchise who reached a final two seasons ago, and retain the services of two key players from their 2019/20 roster in Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. 

Who is favourite to win the Western Conference? 

As true NBA fans, we supply the same in-depth betting lines and markets for the Western Conference as we do for the East. Despite crashing out in the first round of the playoffs last season, the LA Lakers are favourites to win the 2021/22 Western Conference – with their circumstances mirroring those of the Brooklyn Nets; injuries to star players Lebron James and Anthony Davis meant the Lakers were unable to fulfil their potential in the post-season. With Lebron and Davis back and healthy this season, with the addition of triple-double averaging Russe Westbrook from the Washington Wizards along with stalwarts Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard, it will take something special to stop the Lakers from dominating the Western Conference. 

The return of Steph Curry’s splash brother Klay Thompson means the Golden State warriors are second favourites for the Western Conference title, not to mention the addition of top-shelf shooting draft prospect Moses Moody and the return of defensive veteran Andre Iguodala. Other strong Western Conference contenders include last year’s play-off finalists Phoenix Suns, the LA Clippers and the Utah Jazz.

Who is favourite to win the NBA Championship?

Such is the star power of James Harding , Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, Betway’s market for the Outright Winner of the NBA Championship has the Brooklyn Nets as favourites. Indeed many bookmakers had the nets as favourites to win the 2020/21 championship, before the twin foes of injuries and fatigue saw them fail several hurdles before the finals. Their star-studded equivalent in the West, the LA Lakers, are second favourites to become 2021/22 NBA Champions with the return of King James, followed by the reigning champions Milwaukee Bucks. And many feel you can never bet against the Golden State Warriors with a fit and firing Steph Curry and Klay Thompson backed up by an improved roster. 

You can use the Betway app on android or IOs or your browser to bet on who you think will the NBA Championship at any time throughout the pre-season regular season, playoffs, and even the series and final game. 

How long does an NBA season last?

The NBA season is one of the most gruelling in professional sports, with the regular season running from October to April, before the post-season playoffs and NBA finals take over – usually from April to June.

Every team plays a minimum 82 games in a season, travelling thousands of miles across the breadth of the United States. Including post-season encounters, this can increase up to a gigantic 110 games.

The question of the 82-game season has been one that has emerged over the years, with supporters of a truncated schedule including LeBron James and Dirk Nowitzski.

Much like the similar formats of the NFL, MLB and NHL, the NBA is divided into Eastern and Western conferences, with regional divisions making up each of the conferences.

From here, the best eight teams in each conference are determined, and they progress to the playoffs.

This not only provides competition throughout the league, but it offers an even greater level of betting opportunities, with season bet chances such as Division Winner, Conference Winner and NBA Champion markets on offer.

While the NBA regular season is where the narrative of a team’s campaign is built, it’s in the post-season where the true stories of NBA greats are written. And we have post-season NBA betting markets across every single clash that happens.

It’s unsurprising that some of the greatest teams ever boast the finest post-season records, including the 2001 LA Lakers (15-1, .938 winning %), the 1989 Detroit Pistons (15-2, .882 winning %) and the fabled 1996 Chicago Bulls (15-3, .833 winning %).

The greatest all-time NBA post-season record though, is currently held by the 2017 Golden State Warriors team, who recorded an almost unbelievable 16-1 record, with a .941 winning percentage. But who will be the next NBA World Champions?

How to bet on NBA

NBA works exactly the same as betting on an any other sport at Betway. You simply place money on the outcome that you want to see. But let’s look closer at how to bet on NBA games. Say you want to bet on a specific game. First select the game you wish to bet on. In this example, that game is LA Lakers @ Golden State Warriors. 

Next, select the type of bet you want to make. We have dozens of betting markets for every single game, ranging from simple ‘Game Winner’ bets, to Total Points, Winning Margin, Moneyline and Points Handicap bets (also known as Points Spread).

What is Moneyline betting ?

An NBA moneyline bet is the most basic bet you can make in a game between two teams. Say Miami heat are playing the LA Lakers. A moneyline bet in this example simply requires you to bet on either team to win. The odds for a moneyline bet demonstrate how much you would win if you bet or “staked” $100, plus the return of the amount you stakes. For example, if you bet on the Miami Heat To Win at odds of +$250, you would win $250, plus your $100 stake back. Odds of -200 on the Lakers winning show that you would need to bet $200 to win $100, as well as secure the return of your $200 stake. A minus sign labels a team the favourite, a plus sign labels the underdog

How do NBA spreads work?

A “spreads” bet or a “Points Spread” bet enables the bettor to bet on what number of points a team will win by. Let’s use an imaginary game of the Toronto Raptors versus New York Knicks. You could stake on a -19.5 Points Spread bet for the Raptors. This means you would be betting on the Raptors to win by at least 20 points i.e. if 19.5 points were taken from the Raptors points total, they would still win the game. Betting on the Knicks on a Points Spread of +19.5 means you would need the Knicks to lose by no more than 19 points to win the bet. 

NBA Over/Under Bets 

Over/Under bets ask the bettor to bet on whether a total number of points will fall above or below a specified number. This total can pertain to the total points in a game overall, the total points scored by one team or even the total number of points scored by one player. 

There are a number of different NBA Over/Under bets. Say the Milwaukee Bucks are playing the Detroit Pistons. You could bet on whether the total number of points scored by both teams in the game will fall above or below a specified number. Or, you could bet on the total number of points scored by just one of the teams falling above or below a specified number. Finally, you could bet on the number points by an individual player falling above or below a specified number. For example, you could bet on Giannis Antekounmpo to score above or below 25 points. 

NBA futures odds

As well as betting on individual NBA games, you can also bet on what are known as NBA futures bets. In a nutshell, these bets allow fans to wager on NBA outcomes that will occur weeks or months ahead of the time the bet is placed, most typically concerning the results of individual Divisional standings,  Eastern and Western Conference winners, the eventual NBA champions, and even individual player outcomes, such as who will be crowned MVP or Rookie of the Year. Betway has all these NBA futures markets available and more, ready to browse for you. 

NBA picks and predictions

Sometimes, making the correct decision can be difficult, especially when it comes to selecting the right NBA bet for you.

Fortunately, the team at our award-winning blog, the Betway Insider, are always on hand to crunch the numbers and offer their insight into the hottest NBA picks for you to consider.

Throughout the regular season, into the post-season and the NBA Finals, our team of writers share their NBA tips as well as cultivated NBA Betway Boosts, giving you the chance of a greater potential payout on their unique bets.

Every week, the Betway Insider also publishes its latest round of NBA predictions, with statistical breakdowns on the numbers that matter from the previous round’s games, combining them with a round-up of the biggest stories and narratives from all 30 teams.

See the latest insight from the Betway Insider.

Why You Should Bet with Betway

It’s hard not to be seduced by the razzmatazz of the NBA. It’s pure entertainment. Here at Betway though, our passion for basketball goes beyond just that.

While NBA is first and foremost, featuring the most popular league in the world, you can also bet on Basketball leagues from across the world. 

Europe’s Basketball scene is thriving. Germany’s Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) features the iconic Bayern Munich. Spain’s Liga ACB boasts teams representing Real Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia while the premier competition of the continent, Euroleague, sees famous clubs like Fenerbahce, Olympiacos and CSKA Moscow in top basketball action. 

We even bring you international competitions between national federations as well as leagues from across the globe. 

Why not bet on more than just Basketball? Betway offer markets on countless sports so you could try NFL,NHL, UFC, MLB or even Horse Racing betting. Bet on huge sporting competitions like the World Cup, World  Series or Super Bowl.

With an app designed with you in mind, fully-optimised to allow you take your favourite markets and bet on the go, you’ll be set to take your Betway journey to the next level. And your betting experience will be at the forefront of our mind. We pride ourselves in taking on board your feedback, and will always look to improve in any way we can. 

We’re there alongside you for every step of the way, no matter where it takes you. It’s time to bet your way. 

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