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If you’re looking for the best NHL odds, look no further. Being the most prestigious ice hockey league in the world, the NHL is the natural choice for fans of the game looking for the best of the best. And here at Betway, we seek to offer the same standard of quality when it comes to betting on NHL lines.

It doesn’t matter if you’re betting in advance or In-Play; whether you want to bet on a single game or predict the overall winner in our Stanley Cup betting markets – Betway’s great range of NHL betting Canada markets are sure to include the one you’re looking for, loaded with the best possible NHL odds.

We’ve made those options as easy as possible to find and choose from, so you’ll feel at home at one of the best NHL betting sites: Betway - whether you’re a veteran or a total newbie.

All of this, available on desktop and via mobile using the Betway app, where our tailored service makes it one of the best NHL betting apps around.

How to bet on the NHL

As you’d expect from a sport as fast and dynamic as ice hockey, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to our NHL betting markets. Factor in a great range of NHL Outright markets, and In-Play  options, and you’ll be in no doubt that Betway is a smart choice for those looking for a wide selection of NHL odds. Let’s explore some of the more popular markets.


By far the most popular market for NHL betting, the Moneyline is perhaps the most simple of the NHL lines to understand. The Moneyline simply presents you with the option to back one of the two teams to win a given match. With NHL odds, you will commonly find that a potential victory for one team (the favourite) has lower odds that the other (the underdog). With the odds clearly listed alongside the team’s names, this line makes it easy to see the potential reward for those making a winning selection. 

What’s important to remember is that the team wagered on have to win the game outright, regardless of score. The minus number (e.g. -130) indicates the favourites to win, and the amount that you must bet to win $100, in this case $130. The plus number (e.g. +120) indicates the underdogs, and the amount you would win if you were to bet $100, in this case $120.


Named after the three selections that it presents for you to choose from, the Win/Draw/Win market allows you to predict the overall outcome of the match – i.e. a win for the home team, a win for the away team, or a draw. In most cases, when it comes to NHL odds, you will find the lowest odds in this market are offered to those backing the favourite, the next highest for backing the underdog, and the highest odds for backing a draw (which is consistently the least common of the three possible outcomes of an NHL game). The odds offered for the draw make this a potentially lucrative market for those who correctly predict that there will be nothing between the teams at the final buzzer.

Puck Line

Unique to the sport of hockey, the Puck Line is NHL’s answer to the point spread and similar to baseball’s runline. It works by applying a negative theoretical adjustment to the points total of both the favourite (typically -1.5 goals) and the underdog (typically +1.5 goals) in a given game. By selecting one of the two competing teams on the Puck Line, you are betting on them to ‘win’ with these hypothetical points adjustments applied to the game’s actual final score. For example, if you bet on the underdog for a game on the Puck Line at +1.5 and they go on to lose 5-4, your bet will win, since, with the +1.5 theoretical adjustment, their points total is higher than that of their opponent. The Puck Line will typically offer greater odds to those backing the favourite in a game, since it requires that they outscore their opponent by the specified margin rather than simply win regardless of margin. 

Under/Over NHL bets

Hockey offers a chance to not only to back a team, but to open your horizons to a multitude of betting options. The Under/Over market is a perfect example. With Over/Under NHL betting, you can bet on the total number of goals scored in any specific game, with the under option referring to the fact of backing less goals that the specified number, and the over more. 

Future NHL bets

Maybe longstanding bets than run over a long period are more your thing? Then future bets would be perfect for you. Rather than making a bet for an upcoming game, you can bet on an event occurring that may happen much later into an NHL season. The most popular of this is based around NHL’s biggest prize, with Stanley Cup betting. You can place a bet on who will make the Stanley Cup, or who will pick up the next crop of young talent in the NHL Draft betting markets, just a few of the many options when it comes to Futures NHL betting.

National Hockey League

The Windsor Hotel in Montreal, Canada is considered the birthplace of the NHL, being the venue for the meeting that formalised the first running of the league in 1917. Over 100 years later, the Windsor Hotel is no more, but the organisation continues to go from strength to strength, and a modern and vibrant venue for NHL betting has been established at Betway. With the best available NHL odds and NHL betting lines available 24/7, why not make Betway your home of Ice Hockey betting? 

At its inception the league comprised just four teams – all of them from Canada. It is for this reason that the word ‘National’ was employed in the league’s name, and it endures to this day despite now featuring teams from two nations – Canada and the USA.


In today’s game, 31 teams compete in the NHL, divided into two conferences, with 16 competing in the Eastern Conference and 15 in the Western Conference. Each conference is further split into two divisions, with the Atlantic and Metropolitan Divisions forming the Eastern Conference; and the Central and Pacific Divisions forming the Western. The incorporation of a 32nd team has been approved to take place in 2021, with the Seattle Kraken set to join the Pacific Division. But no matter where the puck is dropping, across the divisions, around the US and Canada, from Florida to Edmonton and San Jose to Boston, Betway is on hand to offer you the very best in NHL betting. 

An NHL season is divided into three sections: preseason, consisting of exhibition games; regular season, in which teams play each other in a pre-set schedule; and postseason (also known as the playoffs), in which the best-performing teams from each division compete in knockout competition to decide the winners of the coveted Stanley Cup. And whatever the stage you enter the action, whatever the fixture, you can rest assured that Betway is constantly monitoring the markets to bring you NHL betting odds that are second-to-none.


With 24 Stanley Cup Championships, the Montreal Canadiens are the most decorated team in the NHL. Meanwhile, at the other end of the scale stand the Las Vegas Golden Knights, who – as the newest franchise in the league – have the fewest wins and fewest points in the history of the competition.

The legendary Henri Richard contributed to 11 of those triumphant Montreal seasons to become the most decorated player to date, but the undisputed all-time star player of the NHL is ‘The Great One’ himself, Wayne Gretzky. Despite winning just four Stanley Cups and retiring in 1999, the Canadian holds 60 of the individual records listed in the League’s Official Guide and Record Book to this day, including the most career goals (894) and most goals in a season (92, in 1981-82). As a personality on and off the ice, Gretzky’s selfless style and unrivalled athleticism did much to advance interest in the NHL and the sport of Ice Hockey as a whole. And when your interest in Ice Hockey betting has peaked, and you want to bet on the NHL, you might soon be referring to Betway as ‘The Great One’, thanks to our array of NHL betting lines at your disposal.  


Recognised globally, the trophy is named after Lord Stanley of Preston, the former Governor General of Canada, who donated an ornamental silver bowl as an award to Canada’s top ranking Ice Hockey team. First awarded in 1893, the trophy pre-dates the NHL itself by over 20 years. The modern Stanley Cup, comprising a copy of the original bowl atop a five-banded plinth bearing the engraved names of the 65 most-recent winners has been the league’s prize since 1958. The trophy is the subject of numerous myths and legends, with a popular superstition holding that it is bad luck for any player to touch the cup until his team has rightfully won it. And whether your own instinct leads you to study the stats or to put your trust in superstition, Betway has the NHL betting lines that you need, when you need them.


The current holders of the Stanley Cup are the Tampa Bay Lighting, who claimed it for the third time in their history in the culmination of the action-packed 2019-2020 NHL Season. After defeating the Columbus and Boston in the Playoff’s first and second rounds respectively, a victory over the New York Islanders set up a meeting with the Dallas Stars in the Finals from which the Lightning emerged as Champions.

January 1st will not just welcome the New Year, but also the new season of NHL action.  Can the Lightning retain their title? Will Dallas go one step further? Or will an entirely new contender emerge in the shape of new franchise Seattle Kraken? While the future is yet unwritten, one thing you can be sure of is that Betway will be with you every step of the way, matching your passion for Hockey betting with unrivalled NHL odds, a super-slick user interface and numerous market-leading offers to deliver the NHL betting package that the famous old league deserves. 

NHL Picks and Predictions

Packed with analysis and tips from a range of industry insiders, veteran sports gamblers and seasoned journalists, our multi- award-winning blog, the Betway Insider, is the go-to guide for anyone looking to get the inside track, and should become your primary source for NHL picks and predictions

Dividing their time between working out the stats that matter to formulate their tips, and compiling them into informative and entertaining articles, the Betway Insider team puts together a blog that’s as good a read as it is a source of betting recommendations.

And the Betway Insider’s coverage extends far beyond the realm of NHL tips, with features on every aspect of betting and tips on a whole range of other sports, such as NBA, UFC and NFL.

Why Bet with Betway?

At Betway we show our love for the game in everything we do. From developing our world-class sports betting website, to supporting and sponsoring some of the biggest teams and events on the planet it’s easy to see why we’re fast becoming one of the most popular online bookmakers in the world. But it’s not just that. The vast expanse of sports betting markets, with everything from UFC betting, NFL betting and NBA betting, ensures you have everything you’ll ever need, while our Betway app means you can bet whenever you want, wherever you want. So experience it for yourself. Bet your way today.

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