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UK General Election Betting 2019

A divided electorate. A deadlocked parliament. An uncertain future. Carrying the hope for resolution of a country seemingly at a standstill, the UK general election set for Thursday 12th December 2019, promises to be the most important in generations. But what will be the result? From next Prime Minister odds, to vote share odds and odds on the total seats set to be won by every major political party, Betway is your primary destination for general election betting.

General Election Odds

Current general election odds hold that an overall majority is going to be hard to come by, but such assumptions are confounded daily in the current climate. But if there is no resounding victor, which party will hold the most seats, and with them the upper hand in any potential coalition? Whatever your political leaning, whatever your hunch, we offer a wide range of markets for the next UK general election from across the political spectrum.

Main Parties


Leader: Boris Johnson

Current Seats: 298

Founded in 1834, the Conservative Party stands for traditional values and the rolling back of the state in favour of free-market capitalism. Together with Labour, they have dominated the modern era of British politics, with notable Conservative Prime Ministers including Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher.

Boris Johnson replaced Theresa May as leader of the party and PM in July 2019 after winning a hard-fought internal leadership campaign. His tenure so far has been fraught, with his proroguing of parliament ultimately judged unlawful in the high court, his party’s working majority in tatters, and constant questions over his private life and suitability for office. But Johnson has been successful in so far as having had his EU withdrawal agreement approved in principal in both Brussels and Westminster. Will the election deliver him the majority that he needs to bring it into law? Whatever you think the future holds, all the best Conservative odds can be found at Betway.


Leader: Jeremy Corbyn

Current Seats: 243

The Labour Party was established in 1900, and soon came to replace the old Liberal Party as the principal opposition to the Conservatives. As its name suggests, Labour holds at its heart the values of the working majority, enshrining the welfare state, in particular the NHS, which was introduced by Labour Health Minister Nye Bevan in 1948.

Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the party in 2015 on the back of grass-roots support from a record membership base that remains over 500,000 strong. But his tenure has been far from plain-sailing, dogged by internal conflict, numerous leadership challenges, and accusations of anti-Semitism. Labour has pledged to negotiate a new EU withdrawal agreement of its own and put it to a second referendum alongside the option to remain. It’s a bold strategy that has the potential to both unite and enrage, but will they be in a position to see it through? Betway offers the best Labour odds.

Scottish National Party

Leader: Nicola Sturgeon

Current Seats: 35

Founded in 1934, the SNP has represented Scottish interests in Westminster since 1967, and was at the forefront of the establishment of the devolved Scottish Parliament in 1999, which they have led since 2007. The party’s driving principle is the belief that Scotland should be a fully independent nation.

Nicola Sturgeon replaced Alex Salmond as SNP leader after the latter’s failure to secure victory in the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum. The subsequent EU referendum (Scotland voted 62%-38% in favour of remaining in the EU) has re-invigorated Sturgeon and reinforced the case for an independent Scotland. The chaos in Westminster plays into the SNP’s hands, and many are predicting that they will hold a critical role in whatever government is to be formed after the 2019 election. All the best SNP odds are on offer at Betway.  

Liberal Democrats

Leader: Jo Swinson

Current Seats: 12

The Liberal Democrats were founded in 1988 by the amalgamation of the Liberal Party and the Labour splinter-group, the SDP. Previously forced to play catch up to the Conservatives and Labour, they have come to prominence in the past decade.

While a disastrous spell as half of the minority government formed after the 2010 election set them back, Brexit has offered the Lib Dems renewed focus. As the only party campaigning on a pledge to revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit entirely, they possess clarity of vision and theoretically large support among the 48% of the country who voted to remain. Whatever your prediction, you’ll find a great range of Liberal Democrats odds at Betway.

The Brexit Party

Leader: Nigel Farage

Current Seats: 0

Founded little more than a year before Britain will go to the polls in the forthcoming election, that the Brexit Party should be considered a major player is testament to the huge impact Nigel Farage has had on British politics.

After becoming leader of UKIP in 2006, Farage oversaw the party’s move from fringe concern to the supreme antagonists – forcing, and then effectively ‘winning’ the 2016 referendum on membership of the EU that has dominated the agenda ever since. Having never contested a general election before, the Brexit Party are something of an unknown quantity. But their performance in the recent MEP elections and their simple, hard Brexit-based manifesto suggest that they could pull off a shock. All the best Brexit Party odds can be found on Betway’s sportsbook.

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