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Ismaila Sarr 2+ Shots On Target (Watford v Burnley) (was 10/3)
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Man City, Brighton & Wolves All To Win (was 5/1)
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Online Betting Site Betway

From the first kick to the last stride. Every shot, every point, every race, every win – experience it like never before at Betway Sports, the very best of online betting sites.

At Betway we offer all the best online betting from every corner of the planet, with thousands of online betting markets at the end of your fingertips.

Whether you’re looking for pre-game or in-play betting, Betway leads the way, offering the most competitive odds compared to any other online bookmaker.

And with the Betway app, you can access all of your favourite markets, wherever you are, whenever you want.

Sports Betting

From football to table tennis and beyond, Betway has all your bases covered when it comes to sports betting. We know that as passionate fans of sport around the world, you want a wide range of odds and markets, whether your eye is on the tennis court, the snooker table or the boxing ring. And we’re here to provide you with some of the most competitive selections of sports betting markets available at any online betting site. 

We offer dozens of markets across an incredible variety of events, every day of the sports betting calendar – whether you’re wagering on traditional sports like football, rugby, cricket, golf, horse racing and tennis, or more niche interests such as, volleyball and esports. And if you’re more a fan of North American sports betting, we also offer markets on NBA, MLB and NHL games. And of course, it would be remiss to not mention our UFC betting and NFL betting opportunities. 

Whether you want to bet on glamour competitions such as the Premier League (EPL), NFL, IPL and the Open Championship, or you like to dig a little deeper for the action in the Championship, CFL and County Championship, when it comes to providing a comprehensive sports betting programme, Betway has got the lot. 

Football Betting

Take a look at our football betting page, and you’ll see why. You’ll find a comprehensive selection of the beautiful game’s biggest leagues, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the lesser-known competitions, ranging from senior level, through reserve football, to youth leagues.

As a United Kingdom based bookmaker, we specialise in Premier League betting, something that’s reinforced in our partnership as official sponsors of Premier League giants West Ham United.

Our association with the Hammers has strengthened our position as one of the world’s most recognisable online betting sites, and allows us to bring our customers the best in Premier League betting, as well as FA Cup, Champions League, La Liga, Bundesliga, First Division A, Serie A and beyond.

In recent seasons, we’ve extended our reach within the world of football betting by aligning ourselves with record Belgian champions RSC Anderlecht and a string of Bundesliga clubs, including four-time national champions Werder Bremen and Fortuna Dusseldorf.

Horse Racing Betting

But it’s not just our football betting where we shine. Our commitment to horse racing has seen our profile grow hugely in the horse racing betting world. Our sponsorship of some of the biggest races in UK and Irish horse racing has strengthened our position as an online bookmaker, while also giving us a stronger presence compared with more traditional high street bookmakers.

Perhaps the most exciting week of the year for horse racing betting is Cheltenham – and we’re at the heart of it. As sponsors of the Betway Queen Mother Champion Chase, we’ve become a key part of the Cheltenham Festival, something that has allowed our customers to get the very best in horse racing markets.

But our reach extends beyond just Cheltenham. Having become official betting partner of the Grand National Festival at Aintree, we’re able to provide the most competitive odds for Grand National betting, as well as horse racing betting on a string of Grade One contests, including the Betway Bowl Steeple Chase, Betway Aintree Hurdle, Betway Mildmay Novices’ Steeple Chase and Betway Mersey Novices’ Hurdle.

Hockey Betting 

From European and international hockey markets to the latest NHL odds, Betway is always on the ball when it comes to hockey betting. Hockey is loved for its fast-paced, end-to-end play and the dynamic nature of the sport is reflected in the selection of odds provided at Betway. 

We provide markets not just for the NHL Stanley Cup games and Play-offs, but for each and every NHL game throughout the season. And while the NHL is considered the mecca of hockey around the world, we offer hockey betting for plenty of other leagues too. We have odds on the Swedish Hockey League (SHL), Finnish Elite League (FEL) and Czech Extraliga, as well as Eurasia’s Continental Hockey League.

And then of course, there’s Olympic Hockey betting and World Cup Hockey betting. From routine games in domestic leagues to finals in glamorous international tournaments, we supply markets such as Win/Draw/Win, Correct Score 3-Way handicap and plenty more. 

Basketball Betting 

Much like our Hockey offering, we offer basketball betting throughout leagues and competitions around the world. From the numero uno of NBA to the free-flowing EuroLeague and of course the fan favourite NCAA, Betway has odds and markets across all organisations. And you can bet at every stage, of every competition. 

Undoubtedly the most heralded action in basketball betting anywhere across the world are the NBA Finals. But at Betway, you can join the action way before the Finals, and plot your path through the play-offs, whether you want to place a parlay, back a team to make it through each tie or bet on individual players to score Over/Under a specific number of points. And if you follow the NBA from the regular season – there’s more good news: we provide NBA odds for every single game, from the first-tip off of the season to the final buzzer. 

All this, and we haven’t even got to our NCAA betting markets. While we do provide odds for every NCAA clash, the highlight of college basketball betting is without doubt March Madness, where we create markets on every game as well as a variety of specials for bettors to enjoy. 

Cricket Betting 

Cricket may be one of the world’s oldest professional sports, but it’s forever evolving and providing new formats and competitions – making it an ever more enjoyable game to bet on, no matter what tournament or series fans are following. From traditional test match and domestic county cricket, through one day international, Twenty20 competitions and the IPL, and even The Hundred betting, there’s an incredible diversity of bets you can make on cricket. 

The IPL has exploded in popularity, thanks to big hitting, incredible fielding and the plethora of stars the Indian Premier League attracts each year in its famous auction. In any given IPL match you can bet not just on which team will win the match but also on most sixes hit, which bowler will take the most wickets, and the over/under on the amount of runs scored by a team or individual. You can even bet on method of dismissal for individual batsmen. These kind of cricket betting opportunities are also available in ODI and other twenty over matches, as well as for The Hundred. 

And of course, we provide the same quality of odds for traditional, unlimited overs cricket, from test matches to domestic matches, with betting options available for first and second innings outcomes as well as the match itself. 

What Betting Markets Do Betway Offer?

Although we boast an incredible array of sports, one of our true strengths is in the comprehensive catalogue of pre-match and in-play betting markets that we offer.


The Win/Draw/Win bet is perhaps the most popular sports bet available. It just requires you to bet on the final result of a match or fight. Say the event is a football/soccer match: Manchester United versus Barcelona. With a Win/Draw/Win market, you can back Manchester United To Win, Barcelona To Win or a draw. 

Both Teams To Score 

The Both Teams To Score market, while a possible bet for most ball sports, is usually only used for football/soccer games. As easy a bet as the Win/Draw/Win market, the clue is in the name; you just have to bet on both teams playing in a given match to score. For example, if the game was Liverpool versus Bayern Munich, you would be betting on both Liverpool and Bayern Munich to score at least one goal each during the game.

Both Teams To Score In Both Halves

Another popular football/soccer market, the Both Teams to Score In Both Halves bet is very similar to the Both Teams To Score bet. The added condition being, of course, that for your bet to win, both of the teams would have to score at least one goal each, in both halves of a 90-minute game.

First Goalscorer

The First Goalscorer bet requires you to bet on which player will score the first goal in a given football/soccer match. While many fans simply bet on which player has the best reputation to be First Goalscorer, others prefer to check which players have a habit of opening the scoring, or which players tend to score against specific opposition. 

Anytime Goalscorer

The Anytime Goalscorer market is somewhat similar to the First Goalscorer market. However, it does allow more flexibility, in that the player you back can score at any point during the match, rather than having to score the first goal. Simply bet on a player to score in a given match, and if they score a goal, whether it’s the first, second, third, etc. of the match, your bet wins. 

In-play / Live betting

Our in-play betting service allows for up-to-the-second odds on thousands of events, while our Cash Out and Partial Cash Out features are perfect for those looking to ensure some return on crucial events.

Money Line

The Money Line bet is the most basic, easy sports bet to make. It simply asks the bettor to bet on one of two teams or individuals competing against each other in a game/fight. For example, in Team A vs Team B, the Money Line bet just involves betting on Team A To Win, or Team B To Win. 

Point Spread/Puck Line bet

The Point Spread bet allows you to predict by what margin of points a team will win by. Let’s use our Team A vs Team B example again. You could make a Point Spread bet on Team B at -4.5, which entails betting on Team B to win by a margin of 5 – i.e., if 4.5 points were deducted from Team B’s score, they would still win. Wagering on Team B at +4.5 means you would be backing them to secure victory if 4.5 points were added to their real total i.e., to win your bet., you need them to lose by no more than 4 points.

Totals (Over/Under)

Over/Under bets ask the bettor to bet on whether a total number of points will fall above or below a specified number. This total can pertain to the total points in a game overall, the total points scored by one team or even the total number of points scored by one player. 

Prop Bets 

A prop bet i.e., a proposition bet, is any bet that isn’t directly connected to the outcome of the final result of a sports event. Instead, prop bets allow you to bet on very specific facets of the event. For example, in Major League Baseball, you could bet on the Over/Under on how many strikeouts a pitcher will achieve, or whether a specified player will score a home run. For NFL prop bets, you could bet on the Over/Under of total passing yards, rushing yards, receiving yards or individual player touchdowns. 

Looking to tailor your online betting experience? With the Bet Builder, you can combine up to ten markets from a choice of hundreds together to make your perfect bet, your way. 

Available across all major sports and both desktop and app, the Bet Builder puts you in the centre of your betting experience. No longer do you have to pick between the markets we create. Instead, if you think Manchester United will score over 3.5 goals, get three yellow cards and win the game, simply head to the Bet Builder, combine those markets and make your bet happen. Just another way we give the power to you at Betway.

Sports Betting FAQs 

How do betting odds work? 

Betting odds are a way of representing how likely a given event is to occur, and how much you have to bet to win a certain amount. There are three main types of betting odds: fractional odds typically used in Britain, decimal odds typically used across the rest of Europe as well as Canada, and finally, moneyline odds, typically used in American sports betting. 

Fractional odds of 2/1 would entail winning £2/$2 for every £1/$1 you bet, as well as receiving your £1/$1 stake back. Decimal odds represent the amount you win, plus your stake back, for every pound or dollar you bet. So the equivalent of 2/1 in decimal odds would be 3.00 i.e. if you bet £1/$1, you’ll win £2/$2, plus your £1/$1 stake back. American moneyline odds show how much you would win if you bet $100, along with receiving back your stake. For example, if Team A is priced at +350, you would win $350 if you staked $100, plus your original $100 stake. Odds of -200 on team B would indicate you would need to bet $200 to win $100, plus your original $200 stake back. A minus sign indicates the favourite, the plus sign indicating the underdog. 

How to bet on sport? 

When it comes to betting on sport, there are dozens of options available in any given game, or as it’s referred to in the betting world an “event.” Say the event is a game between two teams, for example, Manchester United versus Barcelona. You’ll want to bet on an outcome you think will occur during the event. For example, you might want to bet on one team to win the game. You might want to bet on an individual player scoring a goal, or receiving a yellow card. You may want to bet on there being over 2.5 goals scored. Once you’ve decided what bet you want to make, you simply check out the odds (as described above) and decide how much money you wish to place on it, or “stake” on your predicted outcome. To get started, simply sign up to Betway, log in then search for the events you wish to bet on. 

How to calculate my winnings? 

To calculate how much you could win or indeed have won on a bet, start by looking at the odds. With fractional odds of 2/1, you’ll win £/$2 for every £/$1 you stake. So, if you bet £/$5, you’ll win £/$10, if you bet £/$20, you’ll win £/$40 and so on. For decimal odds of 3.00, subtract 1 from the odds (i.e. 3.00-1.00 = 2.00) to get the amount you’ll win for every pound/dollar staked.  So, if you bet £/$1 at odds of 3.00, you’d win £/$2, plus receiving your original stake back. If you bet £/$100 on the same 3.00 odds, you’d win £/$200, plus your stake. Moneyline odds show how much you would win if you bet $100. To calculate how much you would win if you bet just one dollar, simply divide the odds by 100. So if the odds are +500, you would win $500 if you bet $100. If you bet $1, you would win $5. 

What type of bet can I place? 

There are a great number of distinct betting options you can choose from. Although different sports do have their own unique types of bet, most bets are the same across different events. Some of the most common bets you’ll encounter are outlined here:

  • To Win – This bet requires you to back a player/horse/team/fighter to win their game/race or fight.
  • To Place – Betting that a player/athlete/horse finishes within a pre-determined position on the leaderboard e.g. within the top five. 
  • Each-Way – Betting on a player/athlete/horse to either win or finish within a pre-determined leaderboard position. 
  • Single – Simply refers to betting on any one outcome.
  • Double – Betting on any two separate outcomes as one bet. 
  • Treble – Betting on any three separate outcomes as one bet. 
  • Accumulator (also known as an “acca”, “combi”, “multi” or “parlay”) – Betting on four or more separate outcomes as one bet.

What Promotional Offers Do Betway Offer?

What sets Betway apart from other online betting sites and highstreet bookies, is our exclusive promotional offers.

It all starts with the Betway Sports Free Bet Welcome offer. New customers are welcomed with an exclusive 100% matched Free Bet.

From there, Betway customers have a world of exclusive promotions available to them, across our bulging catalogue of sports.

If you're interested in the thrill of casino games, at Betway Casino we offer a variety of over 400 online casino games.  Play classics such as online blackjack, online roulette and slots.  Start off on a winning note at Betway Casino with a generous welcome bonus.  

Add to that regular Betway Boosts, enhanced odds across everything from football betting, to tennis betting, rugby, horse racing and more, and you’ll be glad you joined one of the world’s biggest online betting sites.

Why Bet With Betway? 

Founded in 2006, Betway Group is one of the leading global companies in online betting and gaming, serving millions of customers across regulated markets around the world. Betway is a member of the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA), the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) and the Betting & Gaming Council. We are also accredited by eCOGRA, and are proud partners of the Professional Players Federation (PPF). 

Betway abides by the highest, strictest security protocols, to ensure your bets are provided with maximum protection. We only accept payment through globally renowned, safe processes, including MasterCard, Visa and Paypal. We abide by all rules and guidelines set by the UK Gambling Commission. 

Betway Group is proactive in supporting and promoting safer gambling. All our customers can access comprehensive information about how to gamble responsibly and where to obtain appropriate help for gambling related problems.

Our safer gambling tools include reality check, deposit limit, take-a-break, self-exclusion and more.

To help our customers gamble within their means, they can set deposit limits via their account or by contacting our Customer Care Team. Limits can be set for any period of time.

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