Outright betting:

Any bets placed on any participants who do not end up competing for some reason will be losing bets.

Set/Leg/Handicap/Special Betting:

The full amount of sets/legs required to win the match must be achieved. If the situation, for whatever reason exists that the match is awarded to a competitor before this is achieved, the set/leg/handicap/special bets on the match will be void, unless further play could not influence the result.

Match Betting:

As long as at least one leg has been concluded all match bets will stand on the certified result.

Match Specials/Betyourway

In the event of a tie across multiple matches/selection (eg most 180’s or the highest checkout), bets will be settled as a losers. This includes any part that is in a Betyourway (unless the price for a tie is quoted).

 Last updated: 17/02/2023