Olympics (Summer and Winter)

Olympics (Summer and Winter)

General Rules

1. If an event is cancelled, all bets are void.

2. If a competitor or team does not start a race or tournament then bets placed on that competitor or team are considered to be losing bets. Stakes will not be refunded on selections in this case.

Final medal placings

The final medal table declared by the governing body at the end of the event will be used to settle bets on how many medals a competitor or country may win. Any subsequent changes to the medal table will not be taken into consideration.

Head to Head betting

1. Where both competitors reach the final, settlement will be based on their finishing positions in the final.

2. If both competitors are eliminated in the same round of a competition before the final, bets will be made void.

3. Where competitors are eliminated in different rounds of a competition, the competitor progressing furthest will be the winner for settlement purposes. For example, where one competitor is eliminated in a heat, and the other competitor is eliminated in the semi-final, the competitor reaching the semi-final will be deemed the winner.

Postponed Events

If any event/match is postponed, bets will stand providing the event is rescheduled to take place before the closing ceremony. This rule supersedes any of the individual sports’ postponement rules.


1. All races/events will be settled according to the medal ceremony. Any subsequent disqualifications will not count for settlement purposes. Should the result of an event be amended following an enquiry, competitors awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze at the original medal ceremony will be deemed 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively for settlement purposes.

2. In the event of more than one medal being awarded for the same position, for example there is potential for 2 bronze medals in boxing, dead heat rules apply.

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