TV Shows

1. Evictions: Eviction bets will stand regardless of a change in procedure by the television company, unless otherwise stated, and providing a clear winner is announced. If more than one contestant is evicted/eliminated and the order of eviction is clear, a single winner will be settled, otherwise Dead Heat rules will apply. Bets will stand on all candidates in an eviction market regardless of whether they are subsequently made ‘immune’ by the TV show.

2. General: Any contestant to leave a show of their own accord will be deemed a loser in all relevant markets.


Snow at Christmas: Settlement is based upon data from the Met Office. For snow to have been recorded, a single snowflake must have fallen during 25th December at the airport of the relevant city. Any existing snow from previous days will not count towards settlement.

Last updated: 25/04/2016 at 10:00 GMT.