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1. All bets on trotting will be settled from results as per the official governing body.

2. For Trotting Races, all bets will be settled according to the declared official result. First Past The Post rules do NOT apply. If a horse is disqualified for any reason, bets on that horse will be settled as losers.

3. Official results are provided at www.atg.se (Swedish Trotting), at www.rikstoto.no (Norwegian Trotting), at www.hippos.fi (Finnish Trotting).

4. Best Odds Guaranteed does not apply to any Trotting Races.

Dead Heats

When a Dead-Heat occurs, winners are paid on a “split-stakes” basis. (e.g. if 2 horses dead-heat then half the stake is paid as a winner)

Rule 4s

For Race Winner betting, in the event of a non-runner(s), the odds on the remaining horses are subject to a Rule 4 deduction based on the last price available at the time the horse is withdrawn (see Rule 4 deduction table within ‘Horse Racing’)

Trotting H2Hs

1. The horse with the best finishing position based on the official result will be deemed the winner.

2. Stakes will be refunded if one or both of the horses in a head-to-head are non-runners, if the race is abandoned or if both horses fail to complete the course/fail to record an official time.

 Last updated: 13/05/2020 at 10:00 CEST.