Eligible Matches: 4 To Score



Round 1:

Liverpool v Leeds - 12th September
West Brom v Leicester - 13th September
Tottenham v Everton - 13th September
Brighton v Chelsea - 14th September

Round 2:

Arsenal v West Ham - 19th September
Newcastle v Brighton - 20th September
Chelsea v Liverpool - 20th September
Aston Villa v Sheffield United - 21st September

Round 3:

West Brom v Chelsea - 26th September
Sheffield United v Leeds - 27th September
Man City v Leicester - 27th September
Fulham v Aston Villa - 28th September

Round 4:

Arsenal v Sheffield United - 4th October
Wolves v Fulham - 4th October
Man Utd v Tottenham - 4th October
Aston Villa v Liverpool - 4th October

Round 5:

Ukraine v Germany - 10th October
Spain v Switzerland - 10th October
England v Belgium - 11th October
France v Portugal - 11th October

Round 6:

Sheffield Utd v Fulham - 18th October
Crystal Palace v Brighton - 18th October
Tottenham v West Ham - 18th October
Leicester v Aston Villa - 18th October

Round 7:

Southampton v Everton - 25th October
Wolves v Newcastle - 25th October
Arsenal v Leicester - 25th October
Burnley v Tottenham - 26th October

Round 8:

Aston Villa v Southampton - 1st November
Newcastle v Everton - 1st November
Man Utd v Arsenal - 1st November
Tottenham v Brighton - 1st November

Round 9:

West Brom v Tottenham - 8th November
Leicester v Wolves - 8th November
Man City v Liverpool - 8th November
Arsenal v Aston Villa - 8th November

Round 10:

Portugal v France - 14th November
Switzerland v Spain - 14th November
Germany v Ukraine - 14th November
Belgium v England - 15th November

Round 11:

Leeds v Arsenal - 22nd November
Liverpool v Leicester - 22nd November
Burnley v Crystal Palace - 23rd November
Wolves v Southampton - 23rd November

Round 12:

Chelsea v Tottenham - 29th November
Arsenal v Wolves - 29th November
Leicester v Fulham - 30th November
West Ham v Aston Villa - 30th November

Round 13: 

Sheffield United v Leicester - 6th December
Tottenham v Arsenal - 6th December
Liverpool v Wolves - 6th December
Brighton v Southampton - 7th December

Round 14: 

Crystal Palace v Tottenham - 13th December
Fulham v Liverpool - 13th December
Arsenal v Burnley - 13th December
Leicester v Brighton - 13th December

Round 15: 

Man Utd v Leeds - 20th December
West Brom v Aston Villa - 20th December
Burnley v Wolves - 21st December
Chelsea v West Ham - 21st December

Round 16: 

Leeds v Burnley - 27th December
West Ham v Brighton - 27th December
Liverpool v West Brom - 27th December
Wolves v Tottenham - 27th December

Round 17: 

Brighton v Wolves - 2nd January
West Brom v Arsenal - 2nd January
Burnley v Fulham - 3rd January
Newcastle v Leicester - 3rd January

Round 18: 

Bayer Leverkusen v Werder Bremen - 9th January
RB Leipzig v Dortmund - 9th January
Arsenal v Newcastle - 9th January
Man Utd v Watford - 9th January

Round 19: 

Leicester v Southampton - 16th January
Sheffield United v Tottenham - 17th January
Liverpool v Man Utd - 17th January
Man City v Crystal Palace - 17th January


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