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Gaelic Sports

Gaelic Sports

1. If advertised venue changes, bets will stand as long as it takes place within the original county. If match switched to opponent's ground, match will be declared void.

2. Matches will be settled on the day’s match result, regardless of any post match decisions.

3. All bets on postponed matches will stand provided the match is rearranged and played within 48 hours of the original scheduled start time.

4. Where a match is postponed and not played within 48 hours of the original scheduled start time, all bets will be void.

5. Should a match be abandoned prior to completion, all markets on that match will be void, unless a definitive result for that market has already been determined prior to abandonment.

Match Betting

All bets will be settled on 60/70 minutes play respectively at the prices advertised. The term 60/70 minutes play refers to the period of play which included time added by the match officials for stoppages, but not scheduled extra time.

Goalscorer Markets

1. In the event of a dispute over the award of a goal, settlement will be in accordance with the result given by GAA after the match is finished. Any subsequent changes to the result will be ignored for settlement purposes.

2. Own goals do not count for settlement of First/Last Goalscorer bets.

3. Bets taken on First Goalscorer will be void if that player does not take part in the game or if he comes on after the first goal is scored.

4. Bets on Anytime Goalscorer will be void if the player does not take part in the game. Bets will stand if the player takes part in the game.

Total Match Points

All bets are settled on the final result at the end of normal time (including any injury time). Extra time does not count.

Player Points

1. Bets will be settled on selected player’s total score including goals. Extra time does not count. Bets will be voided if the player does not start the game.

2. Footballer and Hurler of the Year markets will be settled on the official GAA/GPA award’s winners.

Last Updated: 25/04/2016 at 08.00 GMT