Responsible Gaming - Player Test

For each question asked, select Never, Sometimes, Mostly or Always. When complete, you will receive feedback based on the questions answered.

The NODS-SA is self-assessment version of the NODS (the NORC Diagnostic Screen for Gambling Disorders). It was designed to assist individuals in evaluating whether to modify or seek help for their gambling behavior. The NODS is based on the DSM-5 which marks the first significant revision of the publication since the DSM-IV in 1994 and was originally developed by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago (NORC) and associates to assist the US National Gambling Impact Study Commission (Gerstein et al., 1999). For additional information, see Toce-Gerstein, Gerstein, and Volberg (2003).
-- American Psychiatric Association. 1994, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Washington, DC.
-- Gerstein, D.R., Volberg, R.A., Toce, M.T., and associates. 1999, Gambling Impact and Behavior Study: Report to the National Gambling Impact Study Commission. NORC at the University of Chicago.
-- Toce-Gerstein, M. T., Gerstein, D. R. & Volberg, R. A. (2003) A hierarchy of gambling disorders in the community. Addiction, 98, 1661-1672.

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