2021/22 SEASON


Round 42:

Republic of Ireland v Scotland - 11th June
England v Italy - 11th June
Hungary v Germany - 11th June
Wales v Belgium - 11th June


Round 41:

Hungary v England - 4th June
Italy v Germany - 4th June
Sweden v Norway - 5th June
Czech Republic v Spain - 5th June


Round 40:

Man City v Aston Villa - 22nd May
Liverpool v Wolves - 22nd May
Crystal Palace v Man Utd - 22nd May
Leicester v Southampton - 22nd May


Round 39:

West Ham v Man City - 15th May
Leeds v Brighton - 15th May
Wolves v Norwich - 15th May
Everton v Brentford - 15th May


Round 38:

Arsenal v Leeds - 8th May
Leicester v Everton - 8th May
Norwich v West Ham - 8th May
Man City v Newcastle - 8th May


Round 37:

Everton v Chelsea - 1st May
Tottenham v Leicester - 1st May
West Ham v Arsenal - 1st May
Man Utd v Brentford - 2nd May


Round 36:

Brighton v Southampton - 24th April
Burnley v Wolves - 24th April
Chelsea v West Ham - 24
th April
Liverpool v Everton - 24th April


Round 35:

Man City v Liverpool - 16th April
Newcastle v Leicester - 17th April
West Ham v Burnley - 17
th April
Chelsea v Crystal Palace - 17th April


Round 34:

Brentford v West Ham - 10th April
Leicester v Crystal Palace - 10th April
Norwich v Burnley - 10th April
Man City v Liverpool - 10th April


Round 33:

Man Utd v Leicester - 2nd April
West Ham v Everton - 3rd April
Tottenham v Newcastle - 3rd April
Crystal Palace v Arsenal - 4th April


Round 32:

Republic of Ireland v Belgium - 26th March
England v Switzerland - 26th March
Spain v Albania - 26th March
Netherlands v Denmark - 26th March


Round 31:

Crystal Palace v Everton - 20th March
Leicester v Brentford - 20th March
Southampton v Man City - 20th March
Tottenham v West Ham - 20th March


Round 30:

Chelsea v Newcastle - 13th March
Everton v Wolves - 13th March
West Ham v Aston Villa - 13th March
Arsenal v Leicester - 13th March


Round 29:

Liverpool v West Ham - 5th March
Watford v Arsenal - 6th March
Man City v Man Utd - 6th March
Tottenham v Everton - 7th March


Round 28:

Man Utd v Watford - 26th February
Brighton v Aston Villa - 26th February
Everton v Man City - 26th February
West Ham v Wolves - 27th February


Round 27:

Southampton v Everton - 19th February
Man City v Tottenham - 19th February
Leeds v Man Utd - 20th February
Wolves v Leicester - 20th February


Round 26:

Burnley v Liverpool - 13th February
Newcastle v Aston Villa - 13th February
Tottenham v Wolves - 13th February
Leicester v West Ham - 13th February


Round 25:

Everton v Brentford - 5th February
Wolves v Norwich - 5th February
Man City v Fulham - 5th February
Tottenham v Brighton - 5th February


Round 24:

Southampton v Man City - 22nd January
Leicester v Brighton - 23rd January
Crystal Palace v Liverpool - 23rd January
Chelsea v Tottenham - 23rd January


Round 23:

Aston Villa v Man Utd - 15th January
Liverpool v Brentford - 16th January
West Ham v Leeds - 16th January
Tottenham v Arsenal - 16th January


Round 22:

Leicester v Watford - 8th January
Wolves v Sheff Utd - 9th January
West Ham v Leeds - 9th January
Man Utd v Aston Villa - 10th January


Round 21:

Brentford v Aston Villa - 2nd January
Leeds v Burnley - 2nd January
Everton v Brighton - 2nd January
Chelsea v Liverpool - 2nd January


Round 20:

West Ham v Southampton - 26th December
Tottenham v Crystal Palace - 26th December
Burnley v Everton - 26th December
Newcastle v Man Utd - 27th December


Round 19:

Leeds v Arsenal - 18th December
Everton v Leicester - 19th December
Wolves v Chelsea - 19th December
Newcastle v Man City - 19th December


Round 18:

Norwich v Man Utd - 11th December
Burnley v West Ham - 12th December
Leicester v Newcastle - 12th December
Crystal Palace v Everton - 12th December


Round 17:

Leeds v Brentford - 5th December
Man Utd v Crystal Palace - 5th December
Tottenham v Norwich - 5th December
Aston Villa v Leicester - 5th December


Round 16:

Brentford v Everton - 28th November
Man City v West Ham - 28th November
Leicester v Watford - 28th November
Chelsea v Man Utd - 28th November


Round 15:

Wolves v West Ham - 20th November
Liverpool v Arsenal - 20th November
Man City v Everton - 21st November
Tottenham v Leeds - 21st November


Round 14:

Croatia v Russia - 14th November
Armenia v Germany - 14th November
Portugal v Serbia - 14th November
Spain v Sweden - 14th November


Round 13:

Arsenal v Watford - 7th November
Everton v Tottenham - 7th November
Leeds v Leicester - 7th November
West Ham v Liverpool - 7th November


Round 12:

Tottenham v Man Utd - 30th October
Norwich v Leeds - 31st October
Aston Villa v West Ham - 31st October
Wolves v Everton - 1st November


Round 11:

Brighton v Man City - 23rd October
Brentford v Leicester - 24th October
West Ham v Tottenham - 24th October
Man Utd v Liverpool - 24th October


Round 10:

Brentford v Chelsea - 16th October
Everton v West Ham - 17th October
Newcastle v Tottenham - 17th October
Arsenal v Crystal Palace - 18th October


Round 9:

Scotland v Israel - 9th October
Finland v Ukraine - 9th October
Hungary v Albania - 9th October
Switzerland v Northern Ireland - 9th October


Round 8:

Crystal Palace v Leicester - 3rd October
Tottenham v Aston Villa - 3rd October
West Ham v Brentford - 3rd October
Liverpool v Man City - 3rd October


Round 7:

Brentford v Liverpool - 25th September
Southampton v Wolves - 26th September
Arsenal v Tottenham - 26th September
Crystal Palace v Brighton - 27th September


Round 6:

Aston Villa v Everton - 18th September
Brighton v Leicester - 19th September
West Ham v Man Utd - 19th September
Tottenham v Chelsea - 19th September


Round 5:

Leicester v Man City - 11th September
Southampton v West Ham - 11th September
Chelsea v Aston Villa - 11th September
Leeds v Liverpool - 12th September


Round 4:

Ukraine v France - 4th September
Slovakia v Croatia - 4th September
Belgium v Czech Republic - 5th September
Switzerland v Italy - 5th September


Round 3:

Liverpool v Chelsea - 28th August
Burnley v Leeds - 29th August
Tottenham v Watford - 29th August
Wolves v Man Utd - 29th August


Round 2:

Southampton v Man Utd - 22nd August
Wolves v Tottenham - 22nd August
Arsenal v Chelsea - 22nd August
West Ham v Leicester City - 23rd August


Round 1:

Everton v Southampton - 14th August
Norwich v Liverpool - 14th August
Newcastle v West Ham - 15th August
Tottenham v Man City - 15th August









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